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Barbara Schwarz, Insane woman from Salt Lake City, UT abuses the internet and gets kicked off the public libraries computers!

This is from The Barbara Schwarz Resource Page

Barbara Schwarz, née Bretschneider, is a German expatriate now living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was the president of the German branch of the Church of Scientology from August 3, 1983 until July 10, 1984. [1] Schwarz is no longer active in the Church of Scientology (she states that she was "kicked out" in 1984 [2]), but she still considers herself a Scientologist, if no longer officially a member of the Church, and despite having filed frivolous lawsuits against the church.

Schwarz is principally known as the current holder of the record for most requests filed by a single individual under the Freedom of Information Act. According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Schwarz has submitted thousands of FOIA requests to the United States Government and its various federal agencies. There are extensive records at each agency documenting these requests, which list thousands of hours and thousands of dollars spent processing these requests. The U.S. Department of Defense has finally made a ruling barring Schwarz from filing any further FOIA requests until she pays for her prior requests. (Schwarz often claims indigency to get fee waivers.)

Many of these FOIA requests attempt to substantiate her claims that she is the granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the daughter of Church of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, that she lived in a secret submarine base under the Great Salt Lake (until age four), that she was kidnapped as a child by Nazis and taken to Germany, and that her alleged husband Mark "Marty" Rathbun, who she alleges is the secret heir to the Rothschild fortune, was wrongfully arrested in Madrid, Spain in 1988 and taken to the United States, where she believes he is secretly being held. (Mark Rathbun was a high official with the Church of Scientology's Religious Technology Center for many years until October, 2005. A church official has stated that Mr. Rathbun has no knowledge of Schwarz and cannot explain her behaviour.)

Litigation history

Ms. Schwarz's thousands of FOIA requests have not proved fruitful in finding the evidence she has been seeking. She has appealed, internally with the various agencies, numerous times to keep looking for secret documents and she has been informed numerous times that due diligence has not revealed any documents related to her search. After exhausting all her internal appeals with the various agencies, she has resorted to filing suits against each of them.

She has filed over 80 lawsuits in federal court, Utah state courts, and in California state courts, against a variety of public and private agencies. She has filed suits against the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the IRS, the President of the United States, the National Institute of Corrections, the U.S. Parole Commission, the National Archives and Records Administration, the Califonia Department of Corrections, and the Salt Lake Tribune, who profiled her abusive FOIA requests and litigious past.

The United States Supreme Court stated in SCHWARZ v. NSA (March 8, 1999), "Schwarz has repeatedly abused this Court’s certiorari process. ...Schwarz had filed 29 petitions for certiorari, all of which were both patently frivolous and had been denied without recorded dissent. The instant petitions for certiorari thus constitute Schwarz’s 34th and 35th frivolous filings with this Court." The court also made a ruling in this case which permanently bars Schwarz from utilizing the certiorari process of the U.S. Supreme Court in civil matters.

In every instance where Schwarz has filed a case, the ruling at the end has been a dismissal of her lawsuit. Not once has she proven the merits of her case to a court of law.

Usenet history

Besides her frequent FOIA requests, Schwarz posts regularly to the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. Her posts are sometimes in defense of the Church of Scientology, but other times she insists that while the church's "technology" (Hubbard's teachings) is effective, the current hierarchy of the church is corrupt, due to "infiltration" by non-Scientologists. Other posts have recounted her travels during the 1980s and how she was arrested on various occasions, including for illegally entering the White House, and twice confined to a mental health hospital in the U.S. and once in Germany. [3] [4] [5] [6] According to Schwarz, these events were the result of a conspiracy by a group called the "Still Existing German Nazi Psychiatrists' Mindcontroller Secret Service" (SEGNPMSS)." [7]

Barbara Schwarz frequently posted to Usenet from the Salt Lake City Public Library. On October 21, 2005, Salt Lake City Library Director Nancy Tessman permanently terminated her privileges to use their computers due to her repeated spamming of Usenet.


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