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Profile of abuser Patrick Michael Sullivan, He's a stalker and a usenet kook.


Most likely you reached this page because Patrick Michael Sullivan is stalking you and you would like information on how to make him stop. Luckily you found the right place.

For those not familiar with USENET and alt.religion.scientology, this following information is about a felon who is stalking me and many other people over the internet. If you believe you are being stalked by him, please call the police (RCMP). I put the numbers and the contact information that you will need at the bottom.

The psychopath posting as "The Kearsley Curse" aka "Baby Bro" who the schizophrenic Barbara Schwarz claims is her "new baby brother" is none other than Patrick Michael Sullivan, a convicted criminal residing in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Patrick Sullivan is a felon. You can read an encyclopedia article about Ms. Schwarz here. You can also find out more about Ms. Schwarz at the Barbara Schwarz Information Pages.

For those unfamiliar, this is a rundown on Patrick Michael Sullivan, a former prisoner of Oakalla Prison, (possibly Number 283163), convicted of grand larceny (stealing a car and a sailboat.)

Sullivan has used over 100 names and nyms in his usenet abuse career, including:

1. Jet-Into-Jet

2. D.I.Y.
4. Kid Charlemagne
6. Baby Bro
7. Baby Bro
8. Baby Bro babybro@lock&
9. Jesse Helm's Night in Havana
10. The \TKC\"Speedwagon & Thrill Show"
11. Coffee Spitter
12. Magnus Pym \THE REAL ONE\
13. The Kearsley Curse
14. 4-Wheel Drive oh!@wow!.com
15. Sheriff Belly Bucker
16. none
17. Roland Boil
18. Rael
19. Wolverine \Prospect\""
20. no spam no@no.spam
21. none
22. Airstream
23. Mr. XYZ
24. Danny
25. Sky
26. El Duce
28. Patrick
29. Herschel Vanderputten
30. TKC
31. Gentleman Chatterly
32. Lady Chatterly
33. Highway Star Angel 101
34. Starlight Sunrise
35. Dangermoney2004
36. Jim Dandy
37. The Kearsley Curse
38. eclipse
39. Patrick Michael Sullivan
40. The Kearsley Curse
41. Captain Kearsley
42. Steamerlane Breakdown
43. Cyber Terrorist Alert
44. Testicle Crusher
45. Crack Kid
46. Hedges Sofa One
47. Hedges Sofa #1
48. Angel Wanted 2001
49. angel Wanted 2001
50. Hemlock
51. Fat Pat
52. Ping mail inbox
53. Stomp Ninety7
54. Magnus Pym
55. spearfish
56. Captain Kearsley
57. Captain Kearsley
58. The Kearsley Curse
59. Magnus Spaink
60. A Better Spy
61. eclipse
62. Billy Primrose
63. Beep! Beep! I'm a Jeep!
64. Francis Begbie
65. ASH Monstermash
66. Oh Yer Drunk
67. OLearys Bagpipes
68. Tonto in Toronto
69. Mstr Blaster2003
70. Camp Blasted
71. Labatts Blue2003
72. Dwgwrge
73. Enigmatic What
74. Bag of Amex
75. KQswst104
76. Loaded-Leather-Moonroof
77. TreyDavidCarman
78. Michael
79. Garth Mullins
80. dookie
81. New DeLucia
82. Patrick
83. Patrick Sullivan
84. Patrick Sullivan
85. Fat Pat - A Space Odyssey
87. Vangeneral
88. Tolsma Alert
89. BeerGut2010
90. Joe Mufferaw2010
91. Fat Pat
92. Fatpat2010 YH
94. Patrick Michael Sullivan
95. Ted Smith
96. Ted Smith wl612@freenet.Victoria.BC.CA
97. Alkoholiker69
98. PatBlarney
99. Mamma Tolsma
100. Trailer Park Pat
101. Jeremy Tolsma
102. joe
104. Rock On
105. Bald Headed John

106. William Stradford

Many of these accounts are terminated for abuse, for which Sullivan blames the victim and targets of his abuse when Sullivan's accounts are shut down by providers for his own AUP abuse.

Terminated by several internet service providers including Bell Canada, AOL, and Allstream, Sullivan still fails to learn from his mistakes. When his free mail Hotmail and Yahoo accounts are terminated for abuse, Sullivan them blames whom he believes to be the complainant, opens a new free account, and begins another trolling and smear campaign.

Now forced to carry out his cyberstalking activities from a internet cafe in Nanaimo BC, Sullivan still doesn't know when to quit.

Sullivan's style is to be a provocateur. He avoids facts, will not answer direct questions, and smears his opponents with malicious and false libel. When cornered, Sullivan will avoid debate (like Barbara Schwarz) prior to launching into another ad homien and libel attack from different free mail accounts and new Google Groups accounts.

Patrick Michael Sullivan simultaneously posts to the same newsgroup using several different accounts, especially in the unmoderated depression groups.

Sullivan targets females who are not technically adept and are usually down ontheir luck. Luring these women into his confidence by his sleazy cooing and insincere sweet talking, he then plays on their fears and insecurities to further his sick quest for control. Blackmailing and intimidating those who refuse his control by the revelation of personal data is what Sullivan does if they cross him.

Sullivan will also forge subscribe his opponents to spam providers, and thus cause his opponents to be mail bombed in this fashion (like Barbara Schwarz). If you have an email inbox that has filling up after "apparently" being subscribed to all sorts of nonsense after running afoul of Sullivan, it's certain that Sullivan has fraudulently added your name to "subscribe" lists.

Sullivan's other trademark is to send hysterical posts to unrelated newsgroups to further harrass his victims and drag others into his hysterical smear campaigns.

Patrick Michael Sullivan also abused the site by the rape of proxies. Sullivan also posted his libel there using Following Patrick Michael Sullivan's abuse of and Google Groups, Proxify decided to refuse access to via their service for unregistered users.

Sullivan was active on the can.* and bc.* newsgroups, and tried to be the "moderator" of a replacement forum for can.general, using a web site. Sullivan also tried this stunt on After a few weeks, Sullivan then closes the forums down, when no one wants anything to do with them, and then trolls the group on which he proposed the forum.

Sullivan also wanted to go "real life" with at least one poster to can.general. After he sends email to his target of abuse and challenging the poster to turn up and fight, Sullivan failed to appear at the place and time that Sullivan himself had nominated.

Sullivan is under criminal investigation by the Canadian Royal Canadian Mounted Police in relation to his internet stalking activities. RCMP File No. 2003-43009

Any such activities may be reported to :

Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Nanaimo Mun Detachment
303 Prideaux Street
Nanaimo B.C. V9R 2N3


Police - RCMP (Non-Emergency)
Tel: (250)-754-2345 Fax: (250) 755-3251
Police - RCMP (Records Checks - Personal and Criminal)
Tel: 754-2345 Fax: 755-3251

Make sure you tell them that you believe this man is stalking you:

Patrick Sullivan
308-312 Mt Benson St.
Nanaimo, BC
Canada V9F5K2
RCMP File No. 2003-43009
+1 250-754-7760


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Has more info about Patrick Michael Sullivan namely the fact he was successfully sued for 179k in a court of law.


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